Digital Marketing in 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Digital Marketing in 2019” livestream series

This is an announcement of “Digital Marketing in 2019”, a new livestream series that will be happening during the month of December 2018. Listen for full details!

The whole livestream event will be available for you to watch online for free –
you can get the full details via the Facebook Messenger app.

To watch live, just go to the home page and follow the steps from there. It would be great to see you as part of the live audience!

So what exactly is “Digital Marketing in 2019”?

You may remember me having over 100 digital marketers on a livestream a couple of years ago.

This time I’m partnered with 5 marketing software and training companies to deliver the livestream – namely Hubspot Academy, Buzzsumo, SEMrush, MobileMonkey and AVADO.

There’s going to be 5 parts to this livestream series, each delivered on separate days from the 3rd to the 7th of December.

120 of the world’s leading digital marketers are taking part – including  – to read some of the list…

Larry Kim, Aleyda Solis, Joel Comm, Purna Virji, Marcus Sheridan, Amy Landino, Andrew and Pete, Andrea Vahl, Mike King and Rebekah Radice – all sharing sharing their number 1, actionable digital marketing tip for 2019. However, to be honest with you I feel bad about just mentioning a few names! There are so many knowledgeable digital marketers that are going to take part, you do not want to miss a minute of it!

Check out the intro video and get the details via Facebook Messenger over at

I really hope that you can watch at least one of livestreams – it’s going to be phenomenal!