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BACKGROUND – ‘Digital Marketing in 2017’ | DMR #181

In this, episode 181 of Digital Marketing Radio, I share with you the ‘Background’ chapter from the book, ‘Digital Marketing in 2017‘. Get your copy of the book over at

Ten years ago, in early 2007, I presented my first digital marketing seminar. I called it the ‘13 Pillars of Internet Marketing’. In fact, you can still view it on YouTube.

Back then, digital marketing – or ‘internet marketing’ as it was more commonly called, was small enough to be a single topic. I never heard of anyone specialising in just a section of digital marketing. That seemed too niche back then.

Digital Marketing in 2017

The ‘13 Pillars of Internet Marketing’ morphed into the ‘26-Week Digital Marketing Plan’ and it was that that I honed and delivered as an in-person seminar across the UK over the next couple of years.

Over the years after that, I continued to update my 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan – up until 2014. The online version that I poured my heart and soul into in early 2014 includes more than 26 hours of video training. Just me, sharing as much as I could over 26 hours of video.

I knew as I was finishing up that version of the 26-Week Plan that it wouldn’t be sane for me to try to do it again, at least just by myself without any help. So I took a little break while I decided what I wanted to do next.

By the summer of 2014 I knew what I should do. I’d always loved podcasting – I’d dabbled in it since 2006. “That’s what I’ll do” I thought to myself. I’ll start a podcast that interviews all the top digital marketers on their specific area of expertise.

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