Digital Marketing in 2017

CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY – Chapter 7, ‘Digital Marketing in 2017’ | DMR #188

Episode 188 of Digital Marketing Radio features ‘Content Marketing Strategy‘, chapter 7 from ‘Digital Marketing in 2017‘. Get your copy of the book over at

Delivering business solely though paid marketing activities doesn’t take advantage of all the free traffic generation opportunities.

Digital Marketing in 2017

Content marketing is a way to build you and your business’s status as a leading authority in your industry. It encourages people to interact with, and share your thought leadership.

It also builds brand recognition. The more that people interact with the content you produce, the more likely that they’ll remember you and what you do when they’re considering making a purchase decision in the future.

39) Invest more in content than you currently are: satisfy Google – Eric Enge

Someone completely sold on the necessity to invest more in content is Eric Enge, Founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting.

Eric says: “My top tip is to invest in more content then you currently are. I think that this is a good tip for almost everybody.

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