Digital Marketing in 2017

FOCUS – Chapter 16, ‘Digital Marketing in 2017’ | DMR #197

Episode 197 of Digital Marketing Radio features ‘Focus‘, chapter 16 from ‘Digital Marketing in 2017‘. Get your copy of the book over at

You’ve come through 15 different chapters so far – the majority of them jam-packed with actionable digital marketing tips.

But how do you ensure that you follow-through and get things done? Should you try to implement as many of these digital marketing opportunities as possible?

Digital Marketing in 2017

102) Be unique in what you do, and focus on doing one thing really well – Jeff Sauer

For Jeff Sauer from you should just focus on doing one thing really well.

Jeff says: “My advice is to be unique, because there are a lot of things that are going on. There’s a lot of things you could do. Be unique in what you do.

“You don’t have to choose every single one of the topics you’ve learned in this book. In fact you should probably just choose one or two of them, or a few of them, and do them very well.

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