Digital Marketing in 2017

AFTER HITTING PUBLISH – Chapter 10, ‘Digital Marketing in 2017’ | DMR #191

Episode 191 of Digital Marketing Radio features ‘After Hitting Publish‘, chapter 10 from ‘Digital Marketing in 2017‘. Get your copy of the book over at

So far we’re heard a lot about defining your content marketing strategy, what type of content to produce, what to include in that content – and the tone of that content.

But we haven’t thought much about how we’re going to ensure that the content is seen by as much of your target audience as possible.

Digital Marketing in 2017

65) Focus on the distribution side of content marketing – Mark Asquith

For Mark Asquith, Founder at Excellence Expected and kind writer of the foreword of this very book, it’s a concern that too many people focus on the production of the content rather than the distribution of it.

Mark says: “Everyone talks about content marketing, but clients generally only do the content bit – we need to get them to focus on the marketing bit. You need a strategy or marketing plan for each piece of content.

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