Digital Marketing in 2017

WHAT TO PUBLISH – Chapter 8, ‘Digital Marketing in 2017’ | DMR #189

Episode 189 of Digital Marketing Radio features ‘What to Publish‘, chapter 8 from ‘Digital Marketing in 2017‘. Get your copy of the book over at

But of course, how to publish and when to publish isn’t much use unless you know exactly what to publish, how to structure that content and what precisely to include in that content.

Digital Marketing in 2017

49) Pay attention to what people want, not what we think they want – Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts from advises to pay attention to what our prospects want, not what we think they want.

When asked to summarise her digital marketing tip for 2017 Janet says: “Paying more attention to what people really want instead of pushing out what we think they want.

“If we take a mindful approach to our audience, and really look at what it is they’re looking for, and figure out how we can get there.

“We use things like Google Trends to find out what they’re looking for, listen to conversations out there, and talk with people instead of talking to them.

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