DMR #31: Dave Jackson – What gear do you need to record a great podcast in 2014?

David:    How did podcasting start, and what’s the technology behind podcasting? How does podcasting fit into your content marketing mix, and what gear do you need to record a great podcast in 2014? Those are just three of the questions that I intend to ask today’s guest, Dave Jackson. Dave, welcome to DMR.

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson

Dave:    Thanks for having me. Glad to be here.

David:    Welcome. Dave’s one of podcasting’s originals. He’s been podcasting since April 2005. He has a degree in education, and he’s one of the world’s top podcasting consultants. He’s spoken at events, such as NewMediaExpo, and he runs

    Dave, I’m so impressed with your consistency of recording and publishing. What’s your secret for staying focused?

Dave:    Number one, there’s a great program called Feedly. It’s an RSS reader. Along the ways of going through everything podcasting, when I find a really good website with great content, I throw it into that website, and so every morning when I fire that up, I’m checking probably about eighty different websites for any kind of information on podcasting. When a headline catches my eye, I’ll go over and check it out, so I’m always … It drives my wife crazy. I’m always in pursuit of more knowledge. She’s always like, “Don’t you ever turn it off?” I’m like, “Well, no,” because she was like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “I’m reading an article.” She’s like, “Really? On what?” I’m like, “What do you think? Podcasting.”

It’s just something I live and breathe, and it’s not something that I really have to work on staying focused. To the point of nausea in the case of my wife. I’m always thinking about podcasting, and always looking for new technology, new techniques, new success stories. That’s pretty much what I live and breathe.