Generating Leads on Social Media - OLLIE WHITFIELD

Generating Leads on Social Media – OLLIE WHITFIELD| DMR #179

Today I’m joined by someone who loves to spend time building personal brands. He’s a social selling and lead generation expert from the Creation Agency… welcome to DMR, Ollie Whitfield.

Generating Leads on Social Media - OLLIE WHITFIELD

Generating Leads on Social Media – OLLIE WHITFIELD

On this episode of Digital Marketing Radio we discuss generating leads on social media, with topics including:

  • How is social selling different from selling on your own website?
  • Should every business be selling on social media?
  • What’s the wrong way to sell on social media?
  • What about lead generation? What makes a great lead generation campaign on social media?
  • What kind of costs are involved?
  • How have social lead generation techniques changed over the past year?
  • How do you integrate content marketing into the mix to improve your conversion rates?
  • What social media networks do you focus on and why?
  • What might the expanding opportunities in 2017?

Software I couldn’t live without

What software do you currently use in your business that if someone took away from you, it would significantly impact your marketing success?

Everything on my iPhone [Apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Hootsuite, Feedly]

What software don’t you use, but you’ve heard good things about, and you’ve intended to try at some point in the near future?

Onalytica [Influencer marketing tool]

My number 1 takeaway

What’s the single most important step from our discussion that our listeners need to take away and implement in their businesses?

Knowledge is power. For me, I’ve just turned 20. What gives me the right to talk about social selling? It’s only the things I’ve had to learn and find out from other people. In the same train of thought, what’s to stop anyone else learning about anything that they want. If you’re watching this or your’re listening, you’ve got the Internet. Use it. There’s a ridiculous amount of things on it. You could never hope to consume it all. My only hope is to at least try.