110 Experts on the Digital Marketing Radio Christmas Special 2016

Watch the Digital Marketing Radio Christmas Special – LIVE with 110 Experts on December the 8th 2016

On Thursday December the 8th at 3pm EST / 8pm GMT I’m going to be hosting a MEGA LIVE Show with 110 experts, all sharing their top digital marketing strategy for 2017.

Just click the “+ Going” button on the event page on Facebook to indicate that you want to watch live.

110 Experts on the Digital Marketing Radio Christmas Special 2016

110 Experts on the Digital Marketing Radio Christmas Special 2016

I don’t believe that anyone has ever done anything like this before – 110 guests on the same show over 4 hours, one guest every 2 minutes. If everything goes according to plan, I’m confident that the content shared will be incredible!

The show starts at 8pm UK time (GMT). That’s 3pm EST.

Here’s who’s taking part…

(All times GMT)

8.05pm: Olga Andrienko from SEMRush
8.07pm: Dawn Anderson from Move It Marketing
8.09pm: Peter Stewart from PeteStewart.co.uk
8.11pm: David Shaw from DavidMarkShaw.com
8.13pm: Joe Apfelbaum from Ajax Union
8.15pm: Saija Mahon from Mahon Digital
8.17pm: Mark Traphagen from Stone Temple
8.19pm: Ann Smarty from SEO Smarty
8.21pm: Aleyda Solis from AleydaSolis.com
8.23pm: Sam Hurley from Optim-Eyez.co.uk
8.25pm: Kamila Gornia from KamilaGornia.com
8.27pm: Rebecca Lieb from RebeccaLieb.com
8.29pm: AJ Ghergich from Ghergich.com
8.31pm: Chris Green from StrategIQ
8.33pm: Roberto Blake from RobertoBlake.com
8.35pm: Damon Gochneaur from Aspiro
8.37pm: Mark Asquith from Excellence Expected
8.39pm: Emeric Ernoult from Agora Pulse
8.41pm: Shelli Walsh from ShellShock
8.43pm: Tony Passey from Fire Toss
8.45pm: Ian Anderson Gray from IAG.me
8.47pm: Mike King from iPullRank
8.49pm: Anton Shulke from Anton Shulke’s YouTube
8.51pm: Danny Ashton from Neomam
8.53pm: Kevin Gibbons from BlueGlass
8.59pm: Dan Taylor from Salt
9.01pm: Janet Fouts from JanetFouts.com
9.03pm: Colin Gray from The Podcast Host
9.05pm: Stewart Rogers from Venture Beat
9.07pm: James Bavington from StrategIQ
9.09pm: Jonathan Tilley from Jonathan Tilley
9.11pm: Tom Tate from Aweber
9.13pm: Michael Stricker from Michael Stricker’s LinkedIn
9.15pm: Andrew Halliday from Indago Media
9.17pm: Ryan Buchanan from eROI
9.19pm: Laura Hogan from Rice Media
9.21pm: Michael Fleischner from Big Fin Solutions
9.23pm: Jono Alderson from JonoAlderson.com
9.25pm: Angela Hausman from MKTmaven.com
9.27pm: Jeff White from Kula Partners
9.29pm: Bridget Randolph from BridgetRandolph.com
9.31pm: Kevin Indig from Kevin-Indig.com
9.33pm: Gianluca Fiorelli from iLoveSEO.net
9.35pm: Andrew and Pete from AndrewAndPete.com
9.37pm: Barry Adams from Polemic Digital
9.39pm: Chris Marr from CMAuk.co.uk
9.41pm: Mojca Marš from Super Spicy Media
9.43pm: Michael Kamleitner from Social Listen
9.45pm: Josh Steimle from MWI
9.47pm: Matthew Turner from SuccessfulMistake.com
9.49pm: Andrew McCauley from Autopilot Your Business
9.51pm: Stephen Christopher from Seequs
9.53pm: Ani Alexander from AniAlexander.com
9.59pm: Andrew Foxwell from Foxwell Digital
10.01pm: John Lee Dumas from EOFire.com
10.03pm: Mark Pack from Teneo Blue Rubicon
10.05pm: Jonny Ross from JonnyRoss.com
10.07pm: Mark Thomas from Botify
10.09pm: Amy Schmittauer from Savvy Sexy Social
10.11pm: Mike Allton from The Social Media Hat
10.13pm: Robert Brady from Righteous Marketing
10.15pm: Beki Winchel from About.me/BekiWinchel
10.17pm: Tim Matthews from MatthewsOnMarketing.com
10.19pm: Ben Oliver from ID Collecive
10.21pm: Ed Dale from EdDale.co
10.23pm: Jeff Wenberg from JeffWenberg.com
10.25pm: Daniel Burstein from Marketing Sherpa
10.27pm: Stephen Kenwright from Branded3
10.29pm: Alex Makin from Syneka Marketing
10.31pm: Natalie Sisson from Suitcase Entrepreneur
10.33pm: Ilise Benun from Marketing Mentor
10.35pm: Cosmin Negrescu from SEO Monitor
10.37pm: Justin Deaville from Receptional
10.39pm: Grant Whiteside from Ambergreen
10.41pm: Steve Linney from Emrktng
10.43pm: Mike Mindel from Wordtracker
10.45pm: Alita Harvey-Rodriguez from Milk It
10.47pm: Trevor Young from PR Warrior
10.49pm: Arthur Jones from ArtJones.tv
10.51pm: Purna Virji from Bing
10.53pm: Jonnie Jensen from Live and Social
10.59pm: Kris Reid from Ardor Media Factory
11.01pm: David Schneider from Ninja Outreach
11.03pm: Joshua Strawczynski from J Marketing
11.05pm: Alex Tucker from Practice Web
11.07pm: Andy Drinkwater from iQ SEO
11.09pm: Chris Dayley from Disruptive Advertising
11.11pm: Eric Enge from Stone Temple
11.13pm: Ollie Whitfield from Creation Agency
11.15pm: Ben Tepfer from Adobe
11.17pm: Nadya Khoja from Venngage
11.19pm: Calin Yablonski from Inbound Interactive
11.21pm: Laurent Bourrelly from LaurentBourrelly.com
11.23pm: David Sayce from DSayce.com
11.25pm: Michael Bonfils from SEM International
11.27pm: Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey
11.29pm: Heather Porter from HeatherPorter.com
11.31pm: Glenn Schmelzle from MarketingWhatsNew
11.33pm: Matt Forman from Traffika
11.35pm: Tom Schwab from Interview Vallet
11.37pm: Mike Bryant from Page One Power
11.39pm: Marcin Chirowski from Growth Turn
11.41pm: Lukasz Zelezny from Zelezny.uk
11.43pm: Lexi Mills from Lexi Mills on LinkedIn
11.45pm: Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO
11.47pm: Dennis Yu from Blitz Metrics
11.49pm: Evan Pettrey from Valley Inbound
11.51pm: Jason Swenk from JasonSwenk.com
11.53pm: Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics

(The event begins at 8pm GMT – that’s 3pm EST. All times below GMT.) Remember to click the “+ Going” button on the event page on Facebook to indicate that you want to watch live. This isn’t something that should be missed!

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  1. Michael Stricker

    Wow! You do it all for the audience. What appears to be a host’s nightmare is likely to be a listener’s joy. Thanks for having me at 4:13 pm EST!

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