DMR #16: Amy Schmittauer – What does great video content marketing look like in 2014?

David: What does great video content marketing look like in 2014? What’s best… publishing shorter videos more often or publishing longer videos with less frequency? Is it feasible for just about any business to be producing their own videos? Those were just three of the questions that I intend to be asking our special guest today, Amy Schmittauer. Amy, welcome to DMR.

Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer

Amy: Thank you so much for having me David.

David: Thanks for joining us. Well, Amy is the president of Vlog Boss Studios, a creative digital agency specializing in video content marketing. She’s also the founder and face of, a video blog which helps SMBs and content creators develop and execute a social media marketing strategy. Amy, what are the main facets of great video content marketing?

Amy: I think the most important things is that people don’t realize how important their audience is to their content development. A lot of people just want to go out and start making videos that they love themselves but the reality is you need to remember who you are trying to attract with your content and make something specifically for them. When you do that, you just become a better video creator overall. You are making highly-targeted information that is valuable to your audience. You’re even talking to the camera even like you’re in person with somebody.

It just makes you a better creator when you think specifically about who your audience is and who your avatar is and you’re making really, really relevant content that way. I think as long as you’re keeping that person in mind at all times, you’re off to a really, really good start.

David: Right. Okay, that’s interesting. You mentioned the avatar and person in mind there. Because obviously we have heard that marketing advice before when you’re actually putting together your content to begin with, you should be thinking about one particular individual. Is that what you’re meaning by that?

Amy: Yeah, you want to be as specific as possible. A lot of people will think of a general audience but the more specific you can be, the better you’re going to be. A lot of people think that that will limit you but the reality is even if your audience is a very, very specific one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help more people than that. There may be others that come in because of that. For instance, I hear this example a lot… Red Bull has a very specific audience. It’s very adventurous, young men who love these crazy sports and doing flips on skateboards and crazy stuff like that.