David Bain

BONUS: Art Jones interviews me on my digital marketing journey | DMR #141b

Just after I interviewed Art Jones for episode 141 of DMR – he also interviewed me for his own show. And it struck me that on that show, I talked a lot about my own background in digital marketing; and my own views on online marketing success, and on podcasting too.

That’s not a side of me that you get to hear very often here on DMR – so thanks to Art, I decided to release that interview – as a bonus episode here.

It’s going to be a little bit different, but if you’re a regular listener, it’ll give you an opportunity to find out a little more about me, the man behind the Digital Marketing Radio microphone.

Here are a few of the things that we discuss:

  • Am I a jackhammer or a hummingbird?
  • Do I take advice from many people, or just a few people?
  • What was my first business that I started in the year 2000?
  • Did the things I learned from business in the past help me with building an online business?
  • How I got involved in SEO and making money online
  • What’s the story behind the 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing?
  • How did the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan get started?
  • When did I discover podcasting and what drew me to it?
  • How did I manage to put together such a professional podcast process?
  • What do I think of LinkedIn as a social networking tool?
  • What advice to I have for fellow podcasters?
  • What advice do I have on video marketing with YouTube?

And also towards the end Art asks me:

  • If I only had one word to describe myself what would it be?
  • Do I have a guilty pleasure?
  • What’s the biggest risk I’ve ever taken?
  • What’s my biggest life dream?
  • If I could ask just one person, alive or dead for advice, who would that be? And why?
  • Name 2 books that you can recommend that you are reading, or plan to read.
  • Share 2 pieces of advice for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

To conclude:

Just to the end of the discussion I mentioned that I’m going to be launching a brand new podcast. I’m also going to be launching a brand new training program.

If you’re a coach, a consultant or some other expert, and you’d like to enhance your sector credibility and you’re thinking of starting your own podcast, I’d love to hear your feedback in terms of what you’re looking for.

So I’ve set up a survey at StartYourOwnShow.com. I’d love to hear your views on what you’re thinking of doing; and what challenges are concerning you in relation to starting your own show.

The survey at StartYourOwnShow.com won’t be available for long. So if it’s up there when you go there I’d really appreciate 5 minutes of your time to tell me your thoughts.