How to measure Social Media ROI – ALAN MORTE | DMR #51

@AlanMorte is a Co-Founder at Three Ventures Technology, an enterprise Analytics, Search Marketing, and Responsive Web Development firm. His work with Google Analytics has been published in Digital Marketing Monthly, named by Kiss Metrics as one of the top resources for Google Analytics in 2014, and will be speaking on tracking strategies to measure social ROI with Google Analytics at SMX Social Media in Las Vegas.

How to measure social media ROI - ALAN MORTE

How to measure social media ROI – ALAN MORTE

Today on Digital Marketing Radio we discuss the following:

  • How to measure social media ROI
  • The common issue with marketers
  • How to use Google Analytics to get the best out of social media
  • Do you need any other 3rd party solution to track your social media success apart from Google Analytics?
  • Is it important to tell Google Analytics that certain traffic comes from
  • Google Analytics tracking groupings
  • Tagging your links with mediums, sources and campaigns
  • Whether adding tracking parameters onto your URLs will impact your SEO results
  • Should you ask bloggers to add tracking parameters to the links that they give you?
  • Customised reports and secondary dimensions in Google Analytics
  • Conversion rand revenue related metrics
  • The importance of social media marketers understanding Google Analytics
  • What are the other tracking options?
  • What are the best social networks to focus on from an ROI perspective?

Here are some links to what we discussed on the call:

Here’s a video of Alan discussing the topic further: