DMR #40: JUSTIN DEAVILLE – What SEO and link building tactics are working in 2014?

David: What SEO and link building tactics are working for big name brands in 2014? Is guest posting dead or is this something that still works from an SEO prospective? And what about link bait, what are the most effective strategies to encourage back links? Those are just three of the questions that I intend to ask, today’s special guest, Justin Deaville. Justin, welcome to DMR.

Justin Deaville

Justin Deaville

Justin: Thank you very much David, how are you doing?

David: Very good thank you. Well, Justin is Managing Director at award winning digital marketing agency, He was also previously Chief Executive officer at Keyword Research company, Wordtracker. So Justin, you’ve been involved with keywords, SEO and link-building for quite a few years, now. What’s your opinion in terms of how SEO and Keywords have evolved over the last few years. Do any tactics that used to work six or seven years ago, still work today?

Justin: That is a good question, David. And, maybe I could let you in to a secret and say that most of the tactics I will be talking about, while not exactly the same format, you know, marketing in its general sense hasn’t changed that much and there will be kind of variations on some of the tactics that were working several years ago. I mean, I think SEO has changed probably more in the last eighteen months than almost any point in its history and so some of the old school tactics of directory style link building that, you know, you used to employ someone often that would be someone in India who would charge you $10 to generate a thousand links. That kind of old school link building is absolutely dead. That would do you a lot more harm than good but, you know, the old school tactics which were based around good solid marketing and replicating the good marketing tactics that you would use offline but online, those things will work and will probably continue to work for many years after I am no longer here.

David: (laughter) Well let’s hope it’s a long way off.

Justin: Yes. (laughter) I think we both agree on that.

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