DMR #34: Lianne Savage – How can you convert more prospects into customers?

David:    How do you define your business prospects? How can you convert more prospects into customers? And how can you increase your profitability per transaction? Those are just three of the questions that I tend to ask today’s special guest, Lianne Savage. Lianne welcome to DMR.

Lianne Savage

Lianne Savage

Lianne:    Hello, David. Thank you for having me.

David:    Well welcome. Lianne is a business growth strategist who helps to bring offline profitability skills to the online world. She’s created what she calls the sales influx system so that businesses can attract customers that spend more, purchase more often, and refer their friends. Lianne, how does a business actually know that it’s attracting the right website visitors.

Lianne:    Always be looking at the stats. There’s some key indicators that you can look at. Your bounce rate is going to tell you whether they’re staying on your website or leaving straight away. If you’ve got loads of people leaving straight away, then it’s clear that they’re not the right people for you. Then have a look at how long they’re staying around for, are they signing up onto your mailing list, are they progressing along or are they just straight in and straight out. You can also look at where your customers are coming from, are they coming from places where you know your ideal customers are hanging about at or are they coming from all over the place.

David:    Right. Okay, that’s interesting. With stats like that you can also look at what kind of devices the people are using and perhaps you’d also notice that traffic from certain devices aren’t performing that well, are bouncing off your website; and there could be lots of different reasons for that.

Lianne:    Yeah, definitely. It’s so important especially with such a rise in use of mobile. When you’re doing updates onto your website, changing the layout and things, check it from your mobile, check it from tablets, see how it looks, see how it is when a customer first lands on your website because, when they first land on your website, in those first few seconds they’re going to decide whether they’re going to stay or whether they’re going to go.