Marketing automation for small business – KYLEE LEGGE | DMR #59

Kylee Legge from Virtual Marketing shares her marketing experience with those in the small business sector as publishing a book as the new and improved business card is only part of a much bigger picture.

Marketing automation for small business - KYLEE LEGGE

Marketing automation for small business – KYLEE LEGGE

Today on Digital Marketing Radio we discuss the following:

  • Marketing automation for small business
  • What marketing techniques are essential to be aware of when moving from a physical business to a fully automated business?
  • What marketing tactics used in physical businesses still apply to virtual, automated businesses?
  • How much of your marketing is possible to automate, and how much should be left to a personal, one-on-one touch?
  • What are the most important aspect of a business’ activities to automate?
  • How much time do you need to automate the marketing activities of your business?
  • What software and systems do you recommend?
  • The 9 marketing techniques that Kylee recommends
  • Kylee’s recommendation for publishing digital magazines
  • What the future holds for online marketing
  • When is the right time to use re targeting?

Software I couldn’t live without

What software do you currently use in your business that if someone took away from you, it would significantly impact your marketing success?

Adobe Business Catalyst [Website and marketing platform]

What software don’t you use, but you’ve heard good things about, and you’ve intended to try at some point in the near future?

Techsmith [Screencapture on a phone]

My number 1 takeaway

What’s the single most important step from our discussion that our listeners need to take away and implement in their businesses?

You want to create to create a product or service that can not only be virtually marketed, but wherever possible fully virtually delivered.