Where do Meetups fit into the Marketing Mix? – JO TURNBULL | DMR #199

Over episodes 199 to 201, I wanted to do something a little different to help celebrate the 200th episode of Digital Marketing Radio – before we return to the regular format in episode 202.

Hanging out with Jo Turnbull at the Search London Meetup

Hanging out with Jo Turnbull at the Search London Meetup

What I did a couple of weeks ago was go along to a local meetup called Search London where I recorded 2 great talks on SEO – and also chatted to the host of the meetup – Jo Turnbull.

In episode 200 of DMR, Nichola Stott from TheMediaFlow will share “HREFLANG for International SEO: Lessons from 3,000 Implementations”

And in Episode 201, Pete Campbell from Kaizen will be sharing “Why Brands Need to Focus on Site Speed in a Mobile-First World.”

But first of all, in this, Episode 199, I wanted to chat with Jo Turnbull, the host of the meetup, search London.

I chatted with Jo about whether or not she ever struggled with the consistency of putting on Meetup events, why she uses both Eventbrite and meetup, the pitfalls of putting on a meetup, what she does to promote the event, how Search London has personally helped her – and her future vision of Search London.

I started off by saying to Jo that her meetup had been around for quite a while, and asking her a little bit about the history behind it…