How to grow a business FAST - BOB RUFFOLO

How to grow a business FAST – BOB RUFFOLO | DMR #164

Today I’m joined by a man who helps SMBs increase their brand awareness, improve their lead generation, and enhance their customer acquisition. He’s the Founder and CEO of IMPACT Branding & Design. Welcome to DMR, Bob Ruffolo. [You can find Bob over at]

How to grow a business FAST - BOB RUFFOLO

How to grow a business FAST – BOB RUFFOLO

On this episode of Digital Marketing Radio we discuss how to grow a business FAST, with topics including:

  • Would you say that there’s a common theme to why some businesses just can’t get traction with their growth marketing initiatives?
  • How do you know if you’ve got the right team to grow your business?
  • What are the next steps to get growth underway?
  • How do you know what to aim for – how do you set your growth goals and objectives?
  • Do you think that using the right technology is essential in modern marketing?
  • What type of technology is most important right now?
  • And is it important to grow fast?
  • What are some marketing strategies that are particularly successful at the moment for fast growth?

Software I couldn’t live without

What software do you currently use in your business that if someone took away from you, it would significantly impact your marketing success?

Hubspot [Marketing automation software]

Hotjar [Conversion rate improvement software]

What software don’t you use, but you’ve heard good things about, and you’ve intended to try at some point in the near future?

Pokémon GO [Augmented reality game]

My number 1 takeaway

What’s the single most important step from our discussion that our listeners need to take away and implement in their businesses?

If your company is not growing, look at the people in your team. Are they working as a team? Are they getting along? Are they the reason why you can grow or are they the reason why you’re not growing?