SEO for small business – DAVID BOBIS | DMR #58

As well as being an award-winning author and part time writer for No Cure Magazine, David Bobis spends most of his time as the Search and Communications Director of digital agency based in Brisbane, Australia, called Studio Culture.

SEO for small business - DAVID BOBIS

SEO for small business – DAVID BOBIS

Today on Digital Marketing Radio we discuss the following:

  • SEO for small business
  • Are keywords still relevant?
  • What are some of the ways to maximise SEO on a WordPress site?
  • In relation to SEO, what is the first things that a business should invest in?
  • Should you be researching keyword phrases to include on each page on your site?
  • How to define your competition
  • Some of the best free SEO tools
  • SEO using Facebook and eBay
  • Is link building still alive and well?
  • Leveraging offline relationships for SEO
  • How to generate links using stories
  • Top SEO plugins for WordPress

Software I couldn’t live without

What software do you currently use in your business that if someone took away from you, it would significantly impact the success of your marketing success?

Google Drive [Team collaboration software]

Asana [Team collaboration software]

What software don’t you use, but you’ve heard good things about, and you’ve intended to try at some point in the near future?

Basecamp [CRM software]

My number 1 takeaway

What’s the single most important step from our discussion that our listeners need to take away and implement in their businesses?

Invest in a great product or service before you focus on SEO – then grind – do the hard work necessary.