DMR #41: ANDREW J CASS – What are the rules for prosperity in the new economy?

David: What are the rules for prosperity in the new economy? How do you apply conventional sales skills to an online world? And is it really possible to sell from a mobile device? Those are just three of the questions that I intend to ask our special guest today, Andrew J. Cass. Andrew, welcome to DMR.

Andrew J Cass

Andrew J Cass

Andrew: Hey, David. Thanks for having me. Good to be here.

David: Well, thanks for joining me. Well, Andrew was a seven-figure producer in two separate sales businesses before the age of 35. He’s also one of the few Dan Kenndy certified business advisors and co-founder and president of RemarkaMobile. So Andrew, do you think that new web-based businesses are forgetting about learning sales skills?

Andrew: I do actually because what’s funny today is a lot of people I think like to hide behind, they like to hide behind the internet today or hide behind the web today and sort of sell virtually, which I think you can to a degree. But I think, the more you try to remove the actual person-to-person touch that we came up with or at least, that I came up with. You’re leaving a lot on the table.

David: Right, okay. So sales skills then definitely apply in the new economy?

Andrew: For sure. I think when we talk about the new economy, we’re talking really internet, the internet economy, the mobile economy that we’re in right now. I think that we rely too much on technology. I know, I don’t and you probably don’t, David, that’s why we’re here. But I think, many people do. I think they rely too much on technology and it makes them a little bit lazy and they start to forget that at the end of day, people buy people and people trust people. And they do business with people they like and trust. We have to kind of keep the person element in the sales process as much as possible.

In my work, I like to talk pre-internet and post-internet since as you mentioned before, I was a young stockbroker, investment banker in New York when I came up when I was 23, 24 years old. We only had a telephone, that was it. There was no internet, no video, no Google, nothing, just the telephone. We had to make a lot of dials and do a lot of prospecting, so we really learned the art of telephone communication. Then post-internet, as I got online and built an online information information and internet marketing business, I was able to maintain the communication skills I had and then, blend them with technology; automation and leverage. I think if you do those two things, you can build an amazing business.

But what I find today is people do one or the other. The old school tends to stay old school. The new school doesn’t want to hear from the old school. They just want to be new school. Like I said before, they sort of hide behind technology. It’s a delicate balance and it’s a balance that very few businesses even explore.