DMR #38: BRANDON YANOFSKY – Where should you host your WordPress site?

David: Where should you host your WordPress site? On a shared server, a VPS, or maybe on your own server? What WordPress themes are best in 2014 and what WordPress plugins are particularly useful at the moment? Those are just three of the questions I intend to ask our special guest today, Brandon Yanofsky. Brandon, welcome to DMR.

Brandon Yanofsky

Brandon Yanofsky

Brandon: Thank you!

David: Brandon is founder of, a home of WordPress tutorials, advice, and reviews designed to assist you along your online journey. So Brandon, why WordPress?

Brandon: Well, I actually got into WordPress when I was starting one of my first companies. I hadn’t actually ever used it before that. I kind of got stuck with it; I tried some of the other CMSs out there and just found that none were really like WordPress. It’s so popular that there’s a lot of different plugins out there, a lot of different themes and support out there that you can’t get with other CMSs out there. So you can do pretty much whatever you want with WordPress that you can’t get with other CMSs.

David: So it doesn’t look like that in any point in the future there’s going to be a competitor who comes up and has the potential of replacing WordPress.

Brandon: Well, I’m sure at one point there will be. I’m sure someone will come along with something better, possibly, at some point but not at anytime soon.

David: Out of interest, what year was that you came to WordPress for the first time?

Brandon: The first time that I came across it was in 2009, I believe. That was when I was still in college and I had my first business starting up. Before that, I would just play with I-Web and the crappy softwares Apple gave you. Other than that, just trying to do stuff on Weebly when I was first getting started, I believe. Stuff that was just very basic website building stuff.