DMR #27: Kevin Krason – What is marketing automation?

David:    How much website traffic is enough? What’s an appropriate conversion rate from website visits to leads? And what is gated content? Those are just three of the questions that I intend to ask today’s special guest, Kevin Krason. Kevin, welcome to DMR.

Kevin Krason

Kevin Krason

Kevin:    Thanks David.

David:    Kevin founded Biznet in 1994 to realize his passion for the internet marketing and business industries. Biznet is one of the most successful and enduring web develop, an internet marketing companies in Michigan. Kevin, happy 20-year anniversary!

Kevin:    Thank you. Thank you. It’s been quite a journey. There’s just never been a dull moment.

David:    I’m sure. It has been. That’s extremely impressive 20 years because that’s obviously the year that’s … I think that was the year that eBay was founded, wasn’t it, or perhaps Yahoo.

Kevin:    I will tell you, my memory is a little fuzzy, but I will tell you this. In the beginning, when we first started, America Online was the most popular tool for connecting folks together and it was really a BBS at that point. American Online didn’t add web access until1995. They were ahead of AOL.

David:    Wow. I think I was first on the web in 1999 actually.

Kevin:    Okay.

David:    But I started my first business in the year 2000. That was still fairly early on compared with most people but a long way behind you!

Kevin:    Yeah. I have open presentations with “back when Al Gore and I invented the internet” and I usually get a bunch of chuckles, so it’s always fun.