DMR #45: LYENA SOLOMON – How do you ensure that your website is as user friendly as possible?

David: How do you ensure that your website is as user friendly as possible? Is it best to focus on multiple digital marketing activities at the same time or is it sometimes better to focus on just the one single activity? And what are the most effective digital marketing activities at the moment? Those are just few of the questions that I intend to ask my special guest today Lyena Solomon. Lyena, welcome to DMR.

Lyena Solomon

Lyena Solomon

Lyena: Thank you very much. Hello, everybody.

David: Hello and, well say hello in everyone’s behalf. Lyena designs tactical steps to optimize websites, digital content and search marketing, with one goal in mind. Revenue. Her expertise is a SEO, PPC, analytics and usability. So Lyena, what comes first SEO or website design?

Lyena: It looks like it’s a trick question. Like, what’s comes first, the chicken or an egg?

David: What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

Lyena: It’s important to have both SEO and usability in mind when you design a website. The design should be pleasing to the people who come to your site. It needs to meet their expectations and as well as if you’re paying attention to SEO, SEO should be helpful for users as well as search engines to identify what your website is about and help everybody to read your content and consume what you have available.

David: Right, okay. I simply ask that question because I get frustrated myself when I deal with website designers or I get asked to help to optimize websites that have been designed already and designed in a horrific manner with no SEO thinking in mind at all.

And of course SEO really is never really finished and probably good website design can evolve overtime as well. The important thing is just, as you say just to be aware of one another activity as you progressed to design phases. How do you ensure that your website though is as user-friendly as possible and you can really maximize whatever conversion rate goals that you have setup?

Lyena: I think that you need to understand what your visitors are looking for. When they come to your website, they have a mission. You need to help them complete that mission, at the same time help them complete your mission as well. You have to have calls to action. You have to help clear visitor paths that they have to go through and that’s where design and usability help a lot.