Affiliate Marketing in 2016 – PRIEST WILLIS | DMR #156

Today I’m joined by a man who’s been involved with affiliate marketing for over 10 years. He’s run several enterprise affiliate programs and now runs Affiliate Mission – the fastest growing affiliate management startup in North Carolina. Welcome to DMR, Priest Willis.

On this episode of Digital Marketing Radio we discuss affiliate marketing in 2016, with topics including:

  • How did you get started in affiliate marketing?
  • How much has affiliate marketing changed over the years?
  • Can the majority of customers tell the difference between an affiliate link and a regular link?
  • What do you think can be done to get customers to trust recommendations more when the referer is making a commision from sales that are generated?
  • If you’re a publisher that is thinking of getting started with trying to make some extra revenue through affiliate links, what’s the best way of getting started?
  • What types of businesses should definitely be thinking about having their own affiliate program?
  • What’s the best way for a business to get started with their own affiliate program? Is there software that you can recommend?
  • How do you build a list of affiliates who what to promote your products?

Software I couldn’t live without

What software do you currently use in your business that if someone took away from you, it would significantly impact your marketing success?

Capsule [CRM]

What software don’t you use, but you’ve heard good things about, and you’ve intended to try at some point in the near future?

Zencaster [Record audio locally]

My number 1 takeaway

What’s the single most important step from our discussion that our listeners need to take away and implement in their businesses?

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information you see about affiliate marketing or even digital marketing for that matter. Set a clear plan for what it is you want to do. Find out the business you want to create. Don’t analyse it until you paralyse yourself. Just go out and create something. Because we get caught up a lot of times if we don’t think the graphics are good enough on the website. They key for you is to know who you are, know what it is that you want to do, create a plan, create a business – find a tactic. If you want to get into affiliate marketing, really dig-in on that. And then just launch off and start doing stuff. Don’t force yourself to be what you’re not.

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