DMR #43: DANIEL BURSTEIN – How should you get started in content marketing?

David: How should you get started in content marketing? How do you determine the content that performs the best? and how do you best serve your existing customers with content marketing? Those are just three of the questions that I intend to ask my special guest today, Daniel Burstein. Daniel, welcome to DMR.

Daniel Burstein

Daniel Burstein

Daniel: Thanks for having me.

David: Welcome. Daniel is Director of Editorial Content at MECLABS working with a team of reporters digging for actionable information while serving as an advocate for the audience. So Daniel, how have website visitor’s expectation of content changed over the past few years?

Daniel: That’s a great question because when we think back, we’re talking on the pre-call by how much time you spent online and online marketing. We think back in the early days of online marketing, it was just impressive that there were websites, right? People were just happy to be able to go online at any time of day. I remember some of the first ads for some of the brick and mortar companies who had websites up was, “You could visit our store 24/7.” It was just that big of a deal.

In the early days, people were just happy to be able to go on a website and get any information, but as things has evolved especially in the late 2000s, over the last decade, 2008, 2009 leading into the turn of the decade, there have been such a growth in social media, in blogs, in online content in general that there’s just been a lot of noise that’s been created.
Customers now have to try to find a way to filter through that noise, so it’s not enough to just give them basic information. You really have to serve them and you really have to give them something that helps answer a key question or key pain point they have.

Sometimes when I talk to marketers now, they have a blog up or they have a free e-book or they have a free white paper and they think that’s something of value because it’s free, the audience could get it there and it’s free, but it’s really not because when you think about it, they’re paying with your time, they’re paying with their energy, they’re paying with attention.

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